Pete Morley, Graphic Designer.

Illustrator, Photographer and resident Lead Designer at Seabrook, Manchester.

I've been working with businesses, creating beautiful websites and solid, coherant brands since 2002.

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Instagram: This is the brand the client should go with. They have solid alternatives, but this is the one. #clientwork #wip

Instagram: Bit of exhibition stand design. #clientwork

Instagram: Big dirty Black and Red Horse based deck. Zombies all up in your grill. Zombie Horses.


Instagram: Baby whale #wip #logodesign


Instagram: Client work #exhibitionstand

Instagram: The 12 brand archetypes. Remoulding in a Seabrook style. #ILiterallyDrawShitForAliving

Instagram: hell Oil


Instagram: Playing around with one of Phils handmade pens. Absolute treats. #ink


Catch me live on Twitch Creative screencasting various work projects or streaming games during downtime.

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