Drums, Guitar and Soundcloud

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I never check my Soundclud. I started it so I could share a jam with a friend, stuck three loose songs up. I figured if I was trying to tie in my flickr and other social accounts with this new website, I may as well drag Soundcloud along for the ride. Maybe it’ll give me some motivation to try some more recording.

I recorded the song below in Garageband using a Roland drum kit and the Epiphone. I’ve aquired a Taylor and a lovley white Strat that I’m planning on turning in to a mod project since making this so I guess I need to record with those too.

I’ve got some terrible, terrible jams somewhere from living in a house in Chorlton with four other lads. Because the first thing you do after moving in to a house with a basement, is to buy a drum kit. I’ll see if I can dig those out.